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Vahina Giocante practices Acroyoga regularly and shares with us her vision of the practice:


If Acroyoga was a color , for me it would be… AZUR BLUE

If A belief was music , for me it would be… A SYMPHONY

If the Belvoga was a landscape , for me it would be ... LA  JUNGLE

If A belief was an emotion , for me it would be… JOY!


What is one of my best Acro experiences ?

My most beautiful emotion of Acroyoga was with a very frail young woman. By offering her my trust she was able to make me fly , she was so happy with her!

I then saw the gift that trust can give.

It was the first time she had managed to base someone. The fact that in addition I was not afraid of her carrying me gave her strength and a lot of confidence . I think this is the strongest and most authentic moment that comes to mind.


What has faith yoga changed in my life? 

A simpler relationship to another.


What surprises me the most about A belief yoga? 

The speed with which the body integrates things and the contagion of joy and pleasure .

It's contagious and it shows :)  


What are the 3 qualities that A belief nourishes in me? 

Confidence in oneself and in others, listening and fluidity .


Your words about Acroyoga, your experience ...

I find that it is a fairly complete practice : both personal and collective , in the whose and the receptivity … Acroyoga is at the same time celestial and terrestrial with a dimension of play and work . She really focuses on the polarized .

Vahina Giocante

Kelly has been practicing Acroyoga for 4 years, she is one of those who helped build the  community  Parisian by its joie de vivre and its presence at  various  acro events in Paris:


If A belief was a color , for me it would be… ORANGE

If A belief was music , for me it would be… SAMBA LANDO by Inti Illimani

If A belief was an emotion , for me it would be… ECSTASY !!!!!



What has Acroyoga changed in my life? 

I stumbled upon Acroyoga during a highly suspicious moment in my life. I didn't trust anyone anymore. I found this practice in one of the worst moments of my life and through Acroyoga I regained my joy and confidence in humanity, the universe, life, destiny, me - even. I would be grateful until the end of my days, this crazy practice has completely transformed me! I feel lost without his presence.  



What surprises me the most about Acroyoga? 

The letting - go and the ubiquitous smile, free play, sharing.  


What are the 3 qualities that Acroyoga nourishes in me? 

Freedom , joy , sharing .


I feel free and light , I let go of everything that weighs heavy and I laugh . I have forged very strong bonds with the people that I have met from all over the world thanks to A Credoga. I will keep these people and shared moments together with me wherever I go in life.

Kelly C

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